Operational Consulting Services

Higher Volume of Clientele –

When the management operations are handled meticulously, the results show in higher occupancy over a sustained period of time.

Diminished Costs & Higher Profitability –

Optimized manpower, reduction in wastage and increase in volume of occupancy leads

Sales & Marketing

With thorough operation systems in place, Kabeer Hospitality, India will also provide a dedicated sales and marketing team to create a marketing strategy along with an implementable sales action plan, a marketing launch or re-launch plan, with pre-opening PR activities and ongoing recommendations for maintaining the long-term corporate identity of a brand. An online Travel Agent Management system can also be put into place to achieve maximum revenue through online channels. Tools like market intelligence reports, monthly itemized strategic and tactical plans, PR events and marketing paraphernalia will be meticulously created or outsourced to align the desired sales for the property, within the decided budget. With the above functions, the resort will be able to create a steady exalted identity in the market.

Project Consulting

Timely and relevant project consulting is the backbone of any successful establishment as it ensures minimal cost overruns and aligns the vision of the client with the final outcome. The Kabeer Hospitality, India! team is geared to provide both pre-opening and post-opening support.

Pre-opening aide would be in the form of:

  1. Spatial and thematic mapping and site selection
  2. Concept Evolution
  3. Inputs on constructions leaning towards eco tourism & responsible travel.
  4. Feasibility studies, research and inputs on various aspects to help commission the project
  5. SPA Set up

Post-opening support would be in the form of:

  1. Management Operations
  2. Sales & Marketing Support
  3. Profit Engineering
  4. Revenue Maximisation
  5. Brand Identity Enhancement

Property Audits

The Kabeer Hospitality, India! team has meticulously prepared a thorough checklist for property audits, which matches international standards. We insist that our clients use our services of sending a mystery guest to audit the property as per these guidelines, with an objective of knowing on-ground reality and improving systems in their properties. A detailed report will be submitted to the management with a comprehensive plan for improvement. This has a direct impact on the profitability of the property and also helps it understand the business environment with regards to competition.

Feasibility Audit

We believe that a feasibility report is the most important investment of time that we make at the onset of a project. We precede the creation of a Concept, related Marketing and Branding strategies and financial projections, we first make a detailed examination of the target segment, market environment and competition landscape. Only after in-depth research and analysis is when we chalk out a path for any initiation. As management consultants for premier resorts and hotels, it is important for us to think of both width and depth of the research and analysis. We do this with a team of in-house professionals and with inputs from experts in the field. The success or feasibility of the plan is mapped for a period of more than 5 years to ensure the longevity of the project.

Revenue Management

Your bottom-line is the most integral figure to watch, given diverse business dynamics of the industry. At Kabeer Hospitality India!, we understand the value of aligning all the services and functions to achieving targeted revenue. For this, a team of specialists from our company will regularly monitor and provide strategic inputs to maximize the yield. Our objective is to understand consumer behavior at a micro level, and provide the optimum product, at a right price to the right customer. When demand and supply can be understood with a host of relevant analytical tools, we can minimize the gaps that the client faces. For this, we will provide data mining and operations research systems. Together withfine-tuning the strategy, understanding of customer behavior and partnering with the sales force, we are sure to attain the desired revenue.

Profit Engineering

The idea is for your business to grow. Your success is our success. To achieve this, we find the service of profit engineering, one of the most crucial that we offer. A winning business strategy from the start with a futuristic view of penetrating new markets is what our focus is on. At the same time, we provide solutions to internal financial roadblocks to help drive your business to high performance. Some of the tools we use are, regular audits of the property and its operations. Based on this, we generate detailed reports and action plans to grapple with any gaps. All functions including Marketing, Operations, Housekeeping and General Management are covered under this. We then work with top management with partial or complete intervention on strategic initiatives to overcome the problems and maximize profits.


The nuances of setting up a SPA are unique from other aspects to the leisure industry in India. We understand the importance for you to build that serene sanctuary for your guests. Not only is it an integral service to offer your guests, it is also an important revenue generator. Our in-house SPA consultants are geared to help you from the conceptualization stage to the actual setting up in your leisure property or resort. From pre-opening consulting, to technical support and hiring the right therapists, we have the holistic know-how to do so. Be it an Ayurvedic Spa or a Western Spa or a fusion of both, we have the necessary expertise.

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